Redwood City's mom & kindergartener daughter pet sitting

We are the Marias of Petwood City.

We'll treat your fur ball as if he/she were our own!

Dog Boarding

We only serve 1 pet at a time making your fur baby the king or queen of our house👑

Dog Walking

Whether you need a one-time booking or a recurring one, we're here for you (but it's most likely big Maria who will do the walking)!

Drop-In Visits (Cat Sitting)

Happily serving the Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont, Foster City, and San Mateo areas.

Doggie Daycare

Need someone to care for your pet as early as tomorrow? Send a request. Unless you send it at nighttime, big Maria usually responds in less than 30 min!

About the Marias

Hi, I'm (big) Maria👋🏼

Other than previously owning my own dog, I have a decade-long history of saving tens of cats and puppies straight out of street trash cans, when I would hear their cries as I was passing by. I provided food, shelter, and medical care to these babies, and also took care of their adoption.

I did not originally start pet sitting to build a business; One day I was complaining to my friends about how much I love animals, and the gap in heart for not currently having one. At the same time, given my travel schedule, I didn't feel ready to get the commitment that it is to have my own pet.

So my friend suggested I start pet sitting, and since I did that, I've never looked back! Not only has pet sitting given me so much internal fulfilment, but it's also wonderful to introduce my daughter to it. She's now "responsible" for feeding animals, or sometimes taking them for walks (with me supervising of course!) She's learned so much being exposed to different types of species, breeds, and personalities and she has turned to adore animals!

That combined with her affectionate personality, makes me call her a "golden retriever born in a human body"!

Hi, I'm (little) Maria👋🏼

I'm just learning how to write (I'm 5 years old!), so my mom is taking care of this text. Originally, I was shy with animals. But after my mom introduced me to pet-sitting, I have transformed into an absolute pet lover.

If we board your doggie, then expect that he/she will be getting kisses and hugs from me! I also like to tell them goodnight, and tuck them in if they have blanket!

And my absolute favorite? Not having to wash my face after eating! All I need to do after a meal is have your doggie clean my face up, while mom is not looking!👀

🐈If you're a cat owner, can you please, please hire us to drop by your house? I love hearing them purr, or playing with them using a thread.

Why The Marias of Petwood City

We are a mom and daughter team, and we look forward to having your own pet as part of our family while you trust him/her in our care.

We'll be sending frequent photo updates so you're in the know about our shenanigans!

If boarding your pet with us, then you know we'll treat him or her as if she were another member of our family. He/she will be in a home environment, likely with no other animals. We'll take him/her on adventures (see below), such as restaurants or hikes.

🚶🏼‍♀️We usually like to do 3-4 walks a day, or more - that depends on your dog and his/her energy levels. Little Maria gets to sometimes hold the leash, but only if deemed safe, given the type of dog and the surroundings.

📌We live in Redwood Shores, a short 20 min drive from the SFO airport, surrounded with beautiful trails, lakes, and nature. Our house includes a small patio.

If you're selecting us for drop in visits to your own house, likely for cat sitting, then first your kittie will likely be exposed to two people, not just one, hopefully decreasing the loneliness. Big Maria has a long history of administering meds if needed💊. Little Maria is in charge of playing🪶.

📸No matter the service (daycare, dog walking, boarding, drop in visits), we'll supply you with multiple photos so that you get to see what your furry best friend is up to!

Dog Boarding - Let's go on adventures!

Whether it's going to a restaurant with him/her, taking him/her to the playground, or going for a hike together, we like to treat your baby as if she/he were a member of our family💞

We love House Drop In Visits!

Going out of town and need someone to take care of your cat or other animals?

We'll happily take care of your animals when you're away. That includes cats, dogs, or even birds (in the picture Maria is holding quail eggs.)

Send a booking request!